Tuesday, November 12, 2013

30 Minute Paints

These were/are being done for the Facebook "Spitpaint" group where they post a topic and the idea is you only spend 30 minutes on the painting.  It's been a great exercise as it kind of forces you to fail.  The 30 minute time constraint forces you to make decisions and go with them and not noodle about trying to find an idea.  Once you're on that idea it further forces you to think about what is the most efficient way of depicting that thing.  It has also, for me anyway, uncovered areas where I was wasting time or being inefficient, such as terrible brush preset management.  Anyway, it's pretty stressful at first but once you figure out a workflow it becomes a pretty fun challenge.

Astronaut Wizard

 Evil Goo

 Halloween Mansion

Too High


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